The Positive Method

Now more than ever, organisations need employees to innovate. Organisations are facing the highest levels of change and competition ever, and the pace of change is increasing each year. Organisations need employees’ engagement, creativity and enthusiasm in order to survive, adapt, and grow. 

Conceived and developed by Essentic, The Positive Method™ is a way of working and living that uses positive psychology to address some of the limitations of the modern workplace. 

Many organisations’ HR processes are a product of the industrial revolution, when leaders needed employees to perform prescribed tasks efficiently, without engaging in innovation or information sharing. It is logical that the result was a culture of fear, greed and envy.

Today, because of the increasing need for organisational change, most leaders don’t want narrow-focused, transactional employees. The Positive Method is a process designed to help organisations move beyond a vision of employment that simply exploits people for their effectiveness in a prescribed role.

The Positive Method helps individuals realise their potential and enables organisations to offer truly personalised fulfillment in the workplace.

The Positive Method helps organisations create a culture of strengths based leadership - a culture that increases employee engagement and fosters employee retention, stimulates innovation, collaboration and creative problem solving, improves resilience under pressure and positive emotional connections with customers.

There are three stages in The Positive Method: assessment, debrief and transformation.



We use Essentic tools grounded in the science of positive psychology. Each participant receives feedback from their personal and professional network about the times they were at their best. The stories highlight moments when the participant made distinct and extraordinary contributions, by using their unique strengths. In addition to helping identify their strengths, receiving this series of stories is an ‘appreciation jolt’ that allows them to see the impact they are having on others. 


Integral to The Positive Method is the debrief, featuring tools and methodologies that are rooted in positive leadership. The debrief process facilitates the participant’s transition from the very emotional experience of the appreciation jolt to the cognitive evaluation and analysis of their unique strengths and ‘best self’ stories. The debrief prepares them to embark on the journey of transformation.


The Positive Method is focused on helping individuals transform their work and personal lives. We offer a guided journey, using Essentic tools, to help recipients experience positive emotions in the short term and then make sustained changes in behaviours that encourage the use of their personal strengths on a daily basis.




1Increase leadership impact

The Positive Method can offer leaders an insight into the strengths and behaviours that have a distinct and extraordinary impact on others. Along with job sculpting, our reports can help individuals to create work environments and activities that increase their ability to play to their strengths each day. 

2Help onboard new hires

Used during onboarding, The Positive Method encourages newcomers to express their unique perspectives and strengths on the job – from the very beginning. The benefits of this approach extend beyond employee engagement and can lead to better business-unit outcomes, thanks to reduced quitting and greater customer satisfaction. The Positive Method invites new hires to establish their work as a platform for doing what they do best.


Raise staff retention levels beyond the industry average

As the foundation for strengths-based performance appraisals, our Positive Method assessments can dramatically reduce employee turnover, increase motivation, facilitate staff development and improve employee engagement. 


Improve team dynamics

The Positive Method can raise team cohesion, creativity and productivity. When other team members complete the profile, the participant has direct insights into what they value, as well as highlighting the unique strengths each one brings to the team. With appropriate debriefing, our assessments can help team members get to know each other better and feel more authentic whilst working together.

5Encourage innovative thinking

The Positive Method can boost innovation by fostering positive emotions and increasing an individual’s creativity. Our assessments can promote greater self-confidence and self-expression. This translates into proactive behaviour, higher cognitive functioning and enhanced creative problem solving performance in the workplace.

6Promote positive work culture

The Positive Method can help organisations create a workplace environment where employees are encouraged to recognise who they are when they’re at their best and then play to those strengths. Staff feel more comfortable being and investing more of themselves. Work feels like an opportunity for authentic self expression.


Improve staff wellbeing

Empirical evidence has shown that The Positive Method affects a participant’s physiology: it strengthens the immune system, improves vagal tone and increases stress resilience. 


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