Everyone has their own unique strengths. Moments when they are essential, challenged and authentic. Moments when they are the best version of themselves.

Essentic has developed 1Self® to help individuals discover and employ this essence of who they are, by gathering feedback of the times when they made a positive and lasting impact. The goal of the 1Self tool is to help participants achieve a greater understanding of their potential using their distinctive strengths.

By compiling feedback from friends, relatives and colleagues, Essentic’s 1Self distils who we are when we’re at our best – generating energy, unleashing innovation and living a more fulfilled life.




How it works

The 1Self assessment is run, primarily, through this website. Every participant nominates a number of friends, relatives and colleagues. We call them ‘feedbackers’. The feedbackers are then automatically emailed and asked to privately submit stories online that describe moments when the participant was having the most positive effect on people around them – at home, at play, in social situations or at work.

Our website gathers these stories into a report for the participant. The effect of this report can be profound and revelatory for the participant. In some cases it may reveal strengths and qualities that they were not aware they possessed. Inspired and informed by the 1Self report, the participant then completes a workbook designed to help them to identify their unique strengths and the situations that usually trigger them.



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Help onboard new hires

Used during onboarding, 1Self encourages newcomers to express their unique strengths on the job – from the very beginning. The benefits of this approach extend beyond employee engagement and can lead to better business-unit outcomes. 1Self invites new hires to use their work as a platform for doing what they do best.


Promote a positive work culture

1Self can promote a positive work culture where people feel more comfortable being and investing more of themselves. As the foundation for strengths-based performance reviews, 1Self can increase motivation, facilitate staff development, improve employee engagement and raise staff retention levels.


Encourage innovative thinking

1Self can boost innovation by fostering positive emotions and increasing an individual’s creativity. 1Self can promote greater self-confidence and self-expression. This translates into proactive behaviour, higher cognitive functioning and enhanced creative problem solving performance in the workplace.


Improve staff wellbeing

Empirical evidence has shown that the Essentic 1Self Assessment affects a participant’s physiology: it strengthens the immune system, improves vagal tone and increases resilience against cognitive and social stress.


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