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Adding value with Essentic
Innovation and creativity

Grounded in neuroscience, our approach sparks experimentation, an openness to new ideas and creative problem solving.

Build diverse teams inside your business

Stimulate a culture of inclusion that embraces all generations, genders and ethnicities for an organisation where everyone feels inspired to contribute.

Strengths-based leadership

Establish a work environment that enables your people to play to their strengths each day – unlocking employee and organisational potential.

Staff engagement and retention

Unleash the best self in each employee, improving engagement, increasing motivation and dramatically reducing employee turnover.

Try the modern alternative to 360

Evolve beyond the 360: our positive methodology focuses on what makes people extraordinary – rather than limitations or deficiencies.

Promote a positive work culture

Create a culture that aligns organisational and individual purpose and offers truly personalised fulfilment in the workplace.

Improve team dynamics

Discover ways to accelerate team integration, increase collaboration and enhance team performance.

Become exceptional people and brands

Help people discover their zest for work. Transforming the way people think about themselves transforms your organisation.


We help you supercharge performance

Global brands are partnering with us to identify potential leaders and managers, release latent ability and build stronger, more collaborative teams.

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You are more powerful than you know

Point Positive helps you discover new strengths and gives you the confidence to develop those that are key to your professional future and success.

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Become certified in the Positive Method

Point Positive is a 21st century learning and development tool used by some of the world’s leading business schools, consultancies and coaches.

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John Wills, CEO, Essentic

Welcome to Essentic

Ingrid Wills, COO, Essentic
Welcome to Point Positive
Jason Andrews, participant

On the benefits of Point Positive

“I’m a fan of Point Positive. I experienced its magic personally and observed its impact on teams and the people around me. It was great to see it’s proven by research and exists as a tool.”

Point Positive participant, retail

“You don’t realise how much appreciation there is for things you do – not necessarily big things, but everyday things – how others are impacted and recognise them. I was very touched by people reflecting on small things that I’d done through my life that had affected them in ways I didn’t appreciate.”

David Hanfland, management consulting

“Brilliant. I will use Point Positive with my team from tomorrow. Uplifting, humbling and extremely personal.”

Participant, leadership development programme

“The Point Positive report is unimaginably powerful. It has transformed my perspective and broken the shackles of the past!”

Kush, financial services

“We have to find a way to get Point Positive into the whole organisation. The trust and relationships it built were incredible.”

Point Positive participant, retail

“This helped me to understand that you need to build on your strengths. Before, I had the belief that you need to be good at everything; it helped me to change my mind. You don't need to be good at everything – you need to be good at some things – which make you special and where you are really at your best.”

Axel Erhard, management consulting

“I am more in tune with my strengths. I value relationships more and my confidence in my ability to make a difference in the lives of others has improved.”

Edwin, CPG

“I’m absolutely delighted with the results from Point Positive and so grateful we are able to spread this within our company. Participants have reported with enthusiasm how Point Positive has influenced their behavior, feelings and actions – as people and leaders.”

Juliana Branco Kaldowski, major car manufacturer

Insights from people. Not machines.

The internet is full of machine-based assessments claiming to identify personal and professional strengths – but automated assessments cannot provide real life insights. As clever as technology is, it can never replicate what the people closest to you know or feel about you.

At Essentic, we’re different.

We believe that people know you best: colleagues, friends and loved ones. They have witnessed the impact of your strengths over many years. That's why we put PEOPLE at the heart of Point Positive.

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